I’m kinda over this friendship
Double standards all over the place
Fuck off



It’s my favorite day of the week… TUTORIAL TUESDAY!!!!! Make sure you read ALLLLL the directions. Here’s the step-by-step for this week’s Vintage Valentine look:
1) place hair in a high ponytail, leaving out the area where your bangs would be
2) separate bang area into three subsections
3) tease each subsection at the base near the scalp
4) roll each subsection to create a “victory roll” and secure with bobby pins (make sure to hide the pins!)
5) place ponytail into a loop bun (similar to how most girls would to go work out or wash their face)
6) pin down the bun however you’d like, making sure the hair looks full
7) take bandana or head tie and place it at the base of the back of your head
8) bring sides of the bandana/ head tie up to the front and tie in a knot
9) make any adjustments you need and you’re finished! by heidimariegarrett http://instagr.am/p/VoqLaRmVB8/

You are just so adorable!

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I am myself. That is not enough.

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